October 18, 2017

See you next week!

Someone is drowning in work and moving related stuff, therefore please excuse me for today. I'll have a new blog post ready for next week, I promise :)


October 11, 2017

October 4, 2017

Still on the move

Hello everyone,

so this will be once again about me moving, so sorry ;)

Before I actually started packing together my belongings, I looked for tips and tricks online on how to make moving easier in some way. While doing so I came across a moving newsletter by IKEA for IKEA family members. This newsletter includes a coupon for a starter package to pick up in the store. The starter package includes a couple of coupons as well as some labels for moving boxes.

IKEA labels & DIY labels for kitchen and office 

Those labels are adorable but unfortunately there aren't enough for all my belongings. I therefore simply scanned them and made more by printing them on simple sticker paper. This way I also added another label to the collection that wasn't there before which is a label for my office.

New DIY labels in use

As you are reading this, I am taking some much needed rest from breathing in wall paint and being up all day long for quite a few days. Well, rest maybe isn't the correct word. I will probably spent most of the day filling some more moving boxes.

Moving boxes lined up in my living room and ready to be filled

I spent the last days painting the walls of my new apartment with great support by my mother. In the meantime my father installed some lights and took care of some cables. Piece by piece my new place is coming together.
I am expecting a huge furniture delivery to arrive tomorrow which will be followed by a few more busy days setting everything up. And of course most of the boxes still have to be brought to my new place so there's still quite a lot to take care of.

Daily morning ritual: Brewing several pots of tea for the day

Well, I am definitely looking forward to when it's all done and I am finally settled into my new apartment :)


September 27, 2017

Moving forward...

Hello friends,

I am still quite busy with moving. As a matter of fact, I have not yet arrived in my new apartment. There are still some walls to paint and rooms to furnish. And let's not talk about all the paperwork that still needs to be filed and the necessary visits to authority.

Especially for the furnishing part, pinterest proofed to be quite helpful. I have created several boards - one for each room - which I fill with whatever strikes my eye. Slowly but steadily, I am settling with a certain style and color pattern per room.

my pins for the living room and dining area

Apart from that my planner is currently my everything. It's filled with several tables and to-do lists where I am constantly ticking of tasks but also seem to constantly add new ones at the same pace. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Now let me share with you some impressions of my still unrenovated new apartment:

Until next week, my friends - enjoy the lovely Autumn weather in the meantime :)


September 20, 2017

When tonsils and sinuses team up...

Hello everyone,

I don't really have a DIY project to share with you today. So I thought I should share my excuse for that instead :)

Herbal Tea from TeeGschwendner

Some of you might remember that last year at the beginning of December I got knocked out by a pretty bad tonsillitis which sort of ruined all of my Christmas crafting plannes. Well, the tonsillitis came about a week ago. Not as bad as last year, but this time it brought along a friend called sinus infection. Even one of those two without the other can be annoying but as a team they are pretty nasty, I tell you.

A new crochet project - counting rows...

So for about ten days I've been taking Roxi 150 antibiotics every morning and every evening plus Sinupret drops (don't ask, I just can't handle pills) three times per day. My throat started to get better pretty soon but my sinuses had a party for over a week. I am still amazed by the amount of snot they can produce on a single day....well, sorry, too much information, I guess.

When you're moving in about two to three weeks but already
sold almost all of your furniture :) I call it indoor glamping!

Okaaaay, so what did I do during all that time? Well, not that much. I wasn't allowed to do anything exhausting by doctor's order. And when you're as sick as I was, pretty much everything is exhausting - even the few steps to the mailbox and back can feel like a 5k.
So I mostly stuck to activities that can be indulged in while sitting or even lying. I started a crochet Christmas present for a friend, I spent a lot of time online searching for inspiration for my new apartment's interior, I sold some of my old furniture via ebay ads and I drank a lot of tea. Oh, and I also binge watched Harry Potter and Downton Abbey which allows me to successfully tick off one point from my Autumn Bucket List :)

Alright my friends, I hope to be back with some crafty content soon.